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Wow! You will absolutely have repeat customers with us, and you will be ‘highly’ recommended to all of our family and friends.

Pet Owners of Mylo
LaSalle, ON

Thank you Shawn for a job well done. Your personal service and thoughtfulness shows your commitment to your clients and love for animals. I will highly recommend you to others.Hannah, Gracie and Roxy barkingly agree!

Pet Owners of Hannah
Gracie and Roxy, S. Rogers,
Windsor On

We enjoy our travels more knowing Nick is safe & happy at home with Shawn

Pet Owners of Nick
S. Page, Windsor,ON

Very responsible service, very trustworthy, very professional. All the little things that are included are very helpful and appreciated.

Pet Owner of “Buddy”
M. Davies
Windsor, ON

Just prior to leaving on holiday one of our cats took ill and required daily medication, this was our first contact with Shawn. Once we met Shawn we felt confident to travel knowing our cats would be in excellent hands. We received regular updates by e-mail that provided us great reassurance all was well at home. Upon return, our cats were thriving, the litter boxes were clean, our newspapers and mail neatly stacked and even the violet plant was in bloom. We highly recommend Shawn and My Pet’s Butler™. First Class!

Pet Owners of “Tyler” ‘Casey” & “Elmo”
K & P Thompson
LaSalle, ON

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