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“I thought it was a great experience for my pet.”

Pet Owner of “Peter”
D. Taylor
Windsor, ON

“Samson looked cleaner than ever upon my return and didn’t appear to have missed me at all! Thanks for looking after him (and the houseplants!) – great service!”

Pet Owner of “Samson”
L. Bird
Windsor, ON

“Since rescuing Oscar and Gizmo, their health and well being has become a major focus in our lives. Unfortunately, this made leaving home stressful for us, our cats, and for whichever friend or family member we’d ask to care for them in our abscence. Shawn at My Pet’s Butler™ ensured that we were leaving Oscar and Gizmo, as well as our home in the care of a knowledgeable professional. While away on our honeymoon, we were able to relax knowing that Shawn had things under control. when we returned, the cats were in great spirits and health, along with a daily log to prove it. Shawn even took extra time to water our plants and monitor our air conditioner. We recommend My Pet’s Butler™ to every pet lover in need of care for their furry loved ones, and look forward to peace of mind on future vacations. Thank you for watching Oscar and Gizmo, and for the beautiful card.”

Pet Owners of “Oscar” and “Gizmo”
T. Morrissey
Windsor, ON

“We were extremely satisfied with the service provided by My Pet’s Butler™. Shawn was both professional and easy to work with. It was important to us that Peanut’s routine remain the same as if we were here. Shawn delivered on this, even down to the smallest details. Thanks from us and Peanut!”

Pet Owner of “Peanut”
C. Tillie
Windsor, ON

“A comfort to know our critters are well cared for!”

Pet Owner of “Bella”, “Verne” and “Sir Morley”
S. Hall
Windsor, ON

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