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The following “Keep Your Pet At Home” services are available at no additional cost with the signing of a ” Pet Sitting Agreement ” all performed by a highly qualified and skilled Registered Veterinary Technician.

  • Administration of Eye, Ear and Oral Medications
  • Injection of Prescribed Medication(s)
  • Nail Trimming – Dogs, Cats, Rabbits *** Multiple Pets no extra fee
  • Cat Complete Brush Out
  • Cat Minor Grooming ( Sanitary Clip/Mat Removal )
  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking/Medicating
  • Dog Walking/ Litterbox Cleaning/ Pet Playtime/ Exercise /Companionship
  • Poop n Scoop Yard *** Weekly Rates
  • Mid-Day Potty Breaks *** Great for Puppies and Senior Pets
  • Daily Feeding/ Fresh Water and Treats
  • In Home Flea, Medicated or Cleansing Bath (Towel Dry Only)
  • Brief Home Inspection While You Are Away *** Newspaper, recycle, garbage, setting of alarm and lights
  • Pet Shuttle Service
  • Wedding Shuttle Service

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***My Pet’s Butler™ provides all supplies required for In-Home service.
***My Pet’s Butler™ does not provide Breed Specific Grooming.