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“My Pet’s Butler™ services are carried out in a reliable professional manner.  Appointments and dates  of service are always confirmed.  I leave my home and pets with the peace of mind that they will be cared for as per my instructions.”

Pet Owners of “Cosmo”, “Kramer”, “Meesha”, “Keta” and “Bo”
Marilyn & Dave Hyde
Windsor, ON

“My husband and I had a trip planned to the Caribbean, but needed to find a suitable sitter for our one year old kitten named Cassey.  I found My Pet’s Butler™ Service through the internet; since their Website is impressive and professional, with lots of information such as company policies, their varied services.   I gave them a call, and was immediately impressed, so I gave them a try!  My Pet’s Butler™ (owner Shawn Amerlinck/Operator) came by twice before our trip, which made us very comfortable.  He also agreed to text me to give us updates while we were traveling, which was great.  When we returned home, I found that Shawn had left us a note with a brief update on all his visits.  I will be using My Pet’s Butler™ again, and I have no worries.  I would recommend My Pet’s Butler™.  They’re professional yet personal; I really don’t think Cassey missed me at all.”

Pet Owners of “Cassey”
Paulette & Chris Gervais
Windsor, ON

“Shawn is a complete professional.  He is a highly qualified Veterinary Technician who brings his knowledge of animals along with his love and compassion, to create a harmonized service that sets the pet owner’s mind at ease.  Shawn is capable and willing to do so much for both the client and the pets.  What a wonderful service!”

Pet Owner of “Nitro” & “Bob”
S. Rumball

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